GORING HOTEL in London, Great Britain,
August 2003 - August 2004
Assistant Night Manager

From August 2003 I was working as an Assistant Night Manager in one of the best, most prestigeous hotels in London. The Goring Hotel was opened in the year 1910, and has been awarded 5 Red Stars from the AA. As a Night Manager I was responsible for the 73 rooms and Suites of the Hotel, and I had to make sure that all the guest requests and needs were met during the night. I was working with 3 night porters whom I supervised while they had to meet any guest requests. They were also responsible to keep the public areas clean, and for other tasks like shoe cleaning, or room service. It was a great experience to be able to work in such a well established place, and I am sure that I have learned a lot during that time.
Personal Achievements: "Employee of the Month" in March 2004.

HILTON LONDON KENSINGTON in London, Great Britain,
November 2001 - August 2003
Receptionist, Executive Lounge Supervisor, Shiftleader

From November 2001 to August 2003 I was working in the Hilton London Kensington. I started as a night receptionist and after a couple of months I moved on to the Executive Lounge as a supervisor. During that time I dealt with the VIP guests of the hotel, I made sure they had the right kind of rooms, a most professional Check-in and Check-out, and a relaxing time in the lounge. My tasks included receptionist duties, breakfast service, and information service for the very frequent guests of out hotel.
In February 2003, I changed back to the main reception of the hotel to move on as a shiftleader. I learned here to deal with the other people at the reception, to manage the receptionists and to make sure that the daily operations at the desk run smoothly. Our hotel had to deal with a lot of groups, which included Airline crews, and I had to make sure that they get the right kind of rooms and that their stay was enjoyable. This responsible job was a good challenge for me and I am happy to move on in my career.

February 2001 - October 2001
Management Trainee, Night Reception Manager

The time in the Hyatt Regency O'Hare was very interesting. Not only did I learn about the many different cultures and lifestyles, I also improved my skills at the Front Desk.
After having worked a couple of months in the daytime, I changed to the nightshift and became the night manager of the Front Desk for a hotel with 1099 rooms.
Since the Hyatt Regency O'Hare is a convention hotel the Front desk sometimes had to deal with up to 3000 people during day and night.

June 1999 - September 1999
Hostess in Restaurant

The working experience in Disneyland Paris, was very special for me, as I am a great fan of Walt Disney and his company. From June till September I got the chance to work in one of the beautiful hotels on the ground of the park. Here, I did not only improve my practical and theoretical knowledge of the F & B department, I also learned how to speak properly in French. The work as an hostess in the restaurant involved greeting and seating guests and making sure that they were satisfied with their seats. In the afternoons I also worked at the concierge desk of the hotel to make reservations for the other restaurants in the park. Here, I got in contact with guests from all around the world.

MARITIM AIRPORT HOTEL in Hannover, Germany,
October 1998 - December 1998
Reception, Reservations, Sales Trainee

An interesting and challenging intraining I did in the Maritim Airport Hotel in Hannover, Germany. During this time I again got the chance to get an insight in other departments. The first weeks I worked at the Front Office where I had a lot of contact with interesting guests, and could put my theoretical knowledge of Fidelio 6.03, the front office and housekeeping program, into practice. After a few weeks I changed to the Reservations Department, and learned how to put Reservations in the computer, and what to consider with the handling of those reservations. I also learned how close the Reservations Department has to work together with the Front Office and the Housekeeping Department.
The experience I got in the Sales and Marketing Department was also very interesting. In such a big chain Hotel there is a lot of contact needed with potential customers, and new ideas have to come up regularly to make better and more interesting offers to the customers.
It was a lot of fun to work in all of the 3 departments.

HOTEL ELYSEE in Hamburg, Germany,
October 1997 - November 1997
Housekeeping Trainee

After I had finished the intraining in the service department, I also wanted to see and experience other departments of the hotel, and so I began to work in another high class hotel in Hamburg, Germany, called Elysee. Here I got the chance to work 2 months in the housekeeping department.
The first month I cleaned the rooms and found out how much hard work is involved in this job. Everything in the rooms had to be clean and neat, so that the guests feel comfortable and like at home when they live in a high class hotel, like this.
The team of the housekeeping department introduced me carefully to this operation so that I was able to go around as the Housekeepers assistant after one month. I checked the rooms, and knew exactly what was needed in a perfectly cleaned room. Unfortunately, this intraining was only 2 months.

HOTEL CENTRAL PLAZA in Zuerich, Switzerland,
April 1997 - September 1997
Service Trainee

During my 6 months intraining in The Hotel Central Plaza I learned many important tasks which are important for efficient service operations. After the first year of my Hospitality Studies I worked the first time in a hotel and this was a very good experience for me.
The Hotel introduced me very well in their operations, I got an own station for lunch service, and did every morning breakfast service in different styles. In one of the restaurants I learned the buffet service and in the other restaurants and bars I served continental breakfast.
I found out that it is a lot of fun to deal with guests and to meet their needs, so that they are happy and satisfied when they leave the restaurant. Between the employees of the food service operations I experienced real team work, which is very important in jobs like that.

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